Administration/Finance Staff
Robert Falcone, MD, FACS
Chief Executive Officer  |  Email
Sherri Kovach, MS, BSN, RN, EMT
HIPAA Security Officer  |  Email

Wendi Lowell
Administrative Assistant  |  Email

Laurie Hawkins
Chief Operating & Finance Officer  |  Email

Disaster Preparedness Staff

Kelsey Blackburn, CHEP
Southeast/Southeast Central Regional Healthcare Coordinator  |  Email

Laura George, CHEP
Southeast/Southeast Central Regional Coalition Coordinator  |  Email

Jodi Keller, RN
Associate Director of Healthcare Emergency Preparedness 
and Central Region Healthcare Coordinator |  Email

Melissa Rose, BS, MEP
Training and Exercise Coordinator  |  Email

Arin Tracy
Central Region Coalition Coordinator  |  Email

Education Staff
Janelle Glasgow, ADN, RN, CPEN
Nurse Educator  |  Email

Trauma Staff
Vickie Graymire, MS, BSN, RN, CEN, CAISS
Trauma Process Improvement Coordinator  |  Email

Roxanna Giambri, BS, RHIA, CSTR
Regional Data Systems Coordinator  |  Email