Emergency Services

Want to improve patient outcomes in Central Ohio, then join our team.

The Emergency Services Division of the Central Ohio Trauma System (COTS) serves as a liaison between Fire Departments, EMS agencies, and hospital Emergency Departments.  By utilizing a collaborative approach and shared values we strive to solve difficult healthcare delivery challenges.  We share in the mission of improving patient outcomes.  In doing so, we provide value to the community.

Recent projects that the Emergency Services Division has completed include:

  • With the addition of many Free Standing Emergency Departments (FSED) in the Central Ohio area the Emergency Services Division developed a FSED Tool to serve as a guideline for patient transports to the FSEDs by EMS agencies.

  • The Emergency Service Division revised the Franklin County Emergency Patient Transport Plan (EPTP) to assist hospital Emergency Departments during times of high patient acuity or overcrowding.

  • Developed a Regional EMS Infectious Exposure Guideline to assist hospitals and EMS agencies with a standard protocol for infectious exposures of prehospital personnel.

  • Developed a Guideline for Early Recognition and Prehospital Management of the Adult Septic Patient.  This guideline established a standardized protocol for the treatment and management of septic patients by prehospital personnel.

  • An important 30-45 seconds in the healthcare of a patient is the handoff or transfer of that patient by EMS crews to hospital teams, be it trauma teams, critical care teams, or the staff in a standard Emergency Department room.  Every one of those handoffs is a potential problem if there is poor communication.  The Emergency Services Division developed a standardized approach for the handoff and called it the “EMS Timeout.”  By working together, important patient information will be communicated.
We are excited about the opportunity to partner with EMS agencies and Emergency Departments to improve patient outcomes through evidence-based research, data collection, and a best practices strategy.  We are working hard to improve healthcare delivery in Central Ohio.

Here at COTS we go the extra mile to turn ordinary into extraordinary.​​​